Mayweather Stays Perfect; Decisions Pacquiao

Las Vegas, NV РThe result will not be pleasing to the casual boxing fan. Floyd Mayweather jr improved his perfect record to 48-0 by dominating the out-matched Manny Pacquiao to a one sided unanimous decision. The scores were 118-110 and 116-112, although two of the judges gave Pacquiao far too much credit. Nevertheless, the right man had his hand raised, which is never a guarantee in boxing.

The atmosphere was absolutely electric, even the terrible under card could not dull the excitement. The roar of the crowd and the sheer uneasiness that comes around so rarely in a sport riddled by politics and injustice was paralyzing. Mayweather started off the fight much faster than expected, marching down Pacquiao in the opening round and clearly besting him. Round two was slightly more kind the Filipino Congressman, he managed to land a couple of punches and drew lots of cheers from the crowd in what was still a fairly clear Mayweather round.

Round three was simply more of the same, Mayweather doing just enough to win a relatively competitive round. Pacquiao brought some real excitement to the fight in round four as he stunned Mayweather with a straight left hand and let go a barrage of punches which brought the crowd to their feet, although Mayweather caught them all with his gloves. Mayweather came out stronger in the second half of the fight and really began to take control.

Pacquiao’s attack came less and less often as the fight progressed and he appeared to be visibly frustrated by the boxing skill of Mayweather. In the championship rounds, even though it was blatantly obvious that he was far down on the cards, Pacquiao was terribly out worked by the fresher and stronger Mayweather.

There was little drama in a fight which has already provided six years of it. The blame rest solely on the shoulders of Manny Pacquiao. Pacquiao fittingly brought out comedian Jimmy Kimmell in his entourage, as his performance tonight was a perfect example of bad comedy. Following the fight, Pacquiao incredibly stated that he thought he had one, and questioned the judges scorecards. Even the ever pro HBO Max Kellerman was unable to agree with the former champion, advising him that; “he appeared to be far behind.”

Mayweather gave a very reserved post fight interview. He thanked the fans and his team for everything they have done for him. He also stated that he does not intend to try and break Rocky Marciano’s record, and will indeed fight the final fight of his pro career this September.

Tonight’s event will no doubt be criticized. Nothing can ever live up to the hype that surrounded this fight. Also, the illusion that Pacquiao was ever on the level of Floyd Mayweather was shattered. For the casual boxing fan, that will be a bitter pill to swallow.

The biggest question raised by tonight’s fight; Can Mayweather be beaten? With only one fight left to take place in his career, and no real viable options around his weight class, where can he go from here?

We will have to wait and see. Check back for more Mayweather vs Pacquiao news in the days to come.

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